Oh Hi Baby!


I’m Jess and I’m a professional photographer based in Summertown in the Adelaide Hills.

I started photographing babies in 2013 and have slowly refined my style to what it is today. I can honestly say, it’s truly my favourite part of the job. Lilac in Hand started as a passion project on weekends, but in 2018 I took the (calculated) plunge and made it my full-time gig and started working towards a lifestyle that would enable me to be present as a Mother and parent when that time would come to be. 

I’ve always had a love for babies, but this was heightened when my littlest sister was born, when I was eleven. I quickly adopted the role of second mum to her and have dreamt of having my own family ever since. This road has been incredibly tricky for us with years of Dr’s appointments, surgeries and sadly two babies lost along the way, but we are now expecting our first baby in January 2022. 

I love capturing these precious memories for families and creating a safe space for new parents to unapologetically be themselves. Having a baby is a big deal and I want you to feel supported as you launch into your new role as parents to this tiny human you have loved, grown and nurtured well before they were welcomed earthside.

Photo by Brianna Nguyen Photography



In-home newborn sessions are ideally held within your little ones first month, the earlier the better. I’ll preserve the details of your sweet new baby before they fade away in a sleep deprived haze.


Ideal for mumma’s between 32-36 weeks. Choose between my many glorious outdoor locations or have it in the comfort of your own home. This is a time to celebrate your amazing body!