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Family sessions with Jess are relaxed and led by the moments that occur naturally in family-life. With a focus on detail, connection and a sense of place, your gallery will transport you back in time and stir up feelings of love and nostalgia.

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Jessica Russell

Babies and children are what sparked my interest in photography all those years ago and they bring me a lot of joy, especially when I get to see them grow and evolve over many years. But having my son Ardie in 2022, has brought a whole new level of meaning to what I do.

I know it is not a given to be able to start a family - it can sometimes take a lot of work to even get to the start line. And when you're there, the mundane moments of your new life as a parent sometimes seem sluggish, but also speedy as your days turn into months and then years. In amongst this new life you're both loving and sometimes dare I say loathing, you find yourself fearful of forgetting all the wonderful things that make this season of life special. And that my friends, is where I come in - that's the burden I want to relieve you from. I'll tag along each year and bottle up these memories for you so you can be present with your little people and know that I've got your back.

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Families begin in all kinds of ways - this is a safe space.

Coming from someone who has experienced infertility, miscarriage and was only able to have a child with the help of clinical professionals, I understand the pain and stigma that can be associated with starting a family. I understand how difficult it can be to be around other families, to tell people you are pregnant, to actually be pregnant and generally how wobbly the journey can be. I also know that capturing milestones can sometimes bring up a whole load of emotional baggage that you weren't prepared to deal with just yet.

I am also a proud member of the Welcome Here Project. LGBTIQ diversity is welcomed and celebrated within our business. I aim to create a safe space for everyone, but particularly those who've had a difficult time on their journey to parenthood. You don't need to pretend here, you don't need to bottle things up. If something holds particular importance to you because of your own personal journey, if you feel you need an emotional break during your session or if you simply find comfort in booking someone who understands the journey on a personal level - I am here for you.

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An outdoor family session with Jess

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"It's all about the little moments in between that make you want to freeze time"

Videography by Lightwise Cinema

The Studio

The studio is a multifunctional space designed to accommodate a variety of session types. It's a space made to feel like a home away from home. One that you don't have to style, clean or tidy up before or after your session.

It's nestled in Summertown in the Adelaide Hills. It is warm, earthy and homely and mimics the signature Lilac in Hand style that you are all familiar with - and it's only 25mins from the CBD.

There is a bathroom and a kitchenette so you can make yourself a hot drink or store your lunch while we're shooting. There is an abundance of props and my client wardrobe is well stocked for you and your little human(s).


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Packages to suit whatever season of life you're in


Give your memories a life beyond the cloud. Ask me how to turn your gallery into a work of art for your home, one that you can hang proudly on your wall or bookcase and enjoy every day. Together we will bring the peel-and-stick photo album that we remember from our childhood, into the twenty-first century.

Client Wardrobe

I have spent the better part of three years scouring the interwebs for the most beautiful photo worthy dresses and now I am sharing them with you. Handpicked with pregnancy, breastfeeding, detail and quality in mind - these dresses range from size 8 to 20. I also have a range for little humans from newborn through to approximately 12 months.

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Vaccinated vendor

I believe the health and safety of my clients is incredibly important, especially for the littlest and most vulnerable. For this reason I keep myself up to date with whooping cough, COVID-19 and flu vaccinations.

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